Do you know the rate at which E-currency exchange industry is growing in Nigeria? It is never too late for you to join the train of being an e-currency exchanger in Nigeria. E-currency exchange business requires little or no capital to start as long as you can partner with reliable,trusted and registered exchangers in Nigeria. Meanwhile, the secrets behind starting with little or no capital would be revealed in our WhatsApp and Facebook Group Channels.

What is E-currency?

This is otherwise known as electronic or digital money used for online shopping, trading, investment and exchange. It is a mean of payment for goods and services on e-commerce websites. Moreover, it can also serve as a store of value to users. Online payments wouldn’t be easy without digital currencies because they are invented in order to solve the problems of physical exchange. These are the most recognized and widely acceptable digital currencies internationally : PerfectMoney, WebMoney, Entromoney, Egopay, Solidtrustpay,Paypal etc.

What is e-currency exchange?

A lot people are ignorant about e-currency exchange and e-currency trading. Many are confused, thinking that e-currency exchange is the same as e-currency trading or trading in foreign exchange.

E-currency exchange simply means exchanging local currency to electronic currency(money). It is also the exchange of one e-currency for another. E-currency trading is buying and selling foreign exchange i.e. Forex.

E-currency exchange and forex trading are two different things, though they belong to the same financial genre. While one is dealing with Local currency, the other is dealing with foreign currency.

Who is An Exchanger?

An exchanger is a person or a company that helps in converting digital currency to local currency(money). In simplicity, E-currency exchange is a digital version of Bureau de change(Aboki’s Money)

A bureau de change is a physical money exchange, customers exchange one physical currency(Naira) for another physical currency(Naira). E-currency exchanger changes a local currency(Naira) to electronic currency(Internet Money) and vice versa. While bureau de change do his exchanges in physical currencies, e-currency exchanger does his exchanges online (through Internet).

How much can you make as an partnered exchanger with ?

Nairaswipe will be selling below its official price on the website. For Instance, If our Perfecmoney official price is N380 to $1. We would be selling below this rate to you @ 375. Let’s assume a client calls you for an order of PM (PerfectMoney) or BTC (Bitcoin) of $500 worth and you end up selling @ N380/$ to him. You have made a profit of N5 on selling $500 worth of PerfectMoney.

Here is the breakdown: N380-N375=N5 profit multiply by 500 quantity equals to N2,500. Now you have made a profit of N2,500 on that single transaction. Could u imagine how much you could make if you work harder to get more clients.

In similar vein, you can also make money selling to us by collecting from your clients. This dream is also achievable with Zero Capital as long as you could build enough trust and integrity with your potential and existing clients. The secret to this would be revealed in our WhatsApp and facebook groups channels.


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