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About is a leading and most trusted e-currency service provider in Nigeria, specializing in the buying, selling and exchanging of e-currency in Nigeria? Nairaswipe has vast knowledge and experience in e-currency services and driven by a vision to provide reliable and affordable e-currency exchange services and have adopted several mission objectives to achieve this.

Team practices the true meaning of instant funding once the company receives your payment for an order. Nairaswipe treats every of the customer in a unique and special way.

Nairaswipe has made names in Exchange field with professional staffs, working day and night to provide the most suitable services to their clients.

Why Choose Nairaswipe For Exchange Your E- Currency

Nairaswipe Nigeria is dedicated to becoming the industry leader in e-currency and crypto-currency exchange, payment solutions, and related services for companies and individuals worldwide. Nairaswipe Nigeria was built on the principles of credibility and security. Nairaswipe is one of the very few oldest and long-surviving exchange in the continent operating since 2012.

Over a 7 year, Nairaswipe has been a part of the industry evolution and a sole pioneer of the ever used term – Instant Funding (the term widely used now by almost all exchanges/exchangers in the country).

*Team Of Nairaswipe listen to their customers for suggestions on adding new services

*Competitive Fees

* Same day funding under specific conditions

* User-Friendly website

* Simple, Fast and Reliable service

* Fanatical Customer Service

* Multiple methods of payment

* Useful related services


The majority of company customers come from referrals from other customers and that fact gives us great pride. Nairaswipe has built a reputation in time through quality of service. Take a look at the testimonials posted by company customers here. They go back to 2012 and there are thousands of testimonials to go through.

Reliable and Secure

Nairaswipe built a system that allows the company to ensure that take the utmost care in securing and protecting your privacy & security. Nairaswipe is hosted in a DDOS-protected datacenter in Nigeria.

Easy to use

Nairaswipe aims to make every aspect of exchanging as simple and convenient as possible trying to offer you a stress-free experience with a focus on delivering a great user experience along the way.


You can expect the same 110% dedication regardless of the amount of your exchange order. At, team pride ourselves on excellent customer service support.

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