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What are bitcoins?

The bitcoin is regarded as a cryptocurrency belonging to a virtual banking system established on the internet. Though it has been around for several years, awareness among the people developed only recently. As decentralized digital money, bitcoins are computer currency that is in the lines of a computer code and influence monetary value. Mathematical computations are used to create this public digital money, which is monitored by miners.

Transactions are usually carried out between users directly with no intermediaries involved. Cryptography is used to create network nodes that verify the validity of the transactions, which are then recorded into a public distribution ledger called a blockchain. Governments generally do not have any control over cryptocurrencies and the creation of new coins depend upon the market cap. Ideally, their production decreases over a period of time, making them valuable in the future.

Cryptocurrencies come with high anonymity rates and one of the biggest advantages of bitcoin is, they can be stored on your individual hard drive.

How do they work?

Once a person owns bitcoins it is like owning gold coins. Since they come with a self-contained value, banks are not required to move and store the money. You can also purchase goods and services online with bitcoins. You can create a personal wallet on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or cloud. The value of the bitcoin changes every day.

Buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria

It is not an unknown fact that the demand for the bitcoin is steadily increasing in Nigeria. Individuals are seeking quicker and easier modes of buying and selling bitcoins. Due to the prevailing economic conditions, people are turning to the internet to make money.

With NairaSwipe, the process of buying and selling bitcoins is rather simple.

  • First, create an account
  • Then click on Buy E-Currency / Sell E-Currency
  • Enter the amount you wish to buy or sell and submit your order


The buyer and seller are verified online, conveniently at NairaSwipe. Our customer service is available for any queries you may have to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria. Connect online or at the numbers provided on our website

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